According to Walter E. Trabbold, controller of the Bank of Delaware, "We have defined it [development of management information systems] in terms of six subsystems.'' These are:

a. Development of a central (customer information) file.

b. Computerization of all operations: demand deposits, savings, commercial loans, mortgage loans, investments, and clubs.

c. Integrated accounting subsystem to meet reporting requirements of management, stock¬holders, and regulatory agencies; this includes general ledger, cost, budgeting, and statistical information.

d. A reporting subsystem in two parts: standard reports and exception reports.

e. An on-line inquiry subsystem to provide management with current operating and marketing information.

f. A sophisticated model of the entire business system.

For a bank considering installation of a total management information system, draw a block diagram of the conceptual design to represent the subsystems listed and their relationships.

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Google flowchart tutorial... And I'm just guessing by how you type, you probably haven't even fully read and understood the question.

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