Hi they:
I be off to university this september (studying AS at present), I have applied for Computer Science subject, can anyone tell me some core topic that I can start revising to make myself confutable before approaching the university. If anyone study Computer Science before can I know how is the subject itself and does the course have demand in todays market. AND the last question is that I already received conditional offer from university of Hertfordshire and City, however I can not decide which one is to go for, can some one given me advice, I have checked the computer science ranking table and different websites shows different results (some shows hertfordshire is higher than city whereas city is higher than hertfordshire). But I would like to go for highest university out of these two, I kind of like the content of hertfordshire whereas city has modules like e-commerce and graphics designing, which is not booming at present market. So I am thinking of choosing hertfordshire university (want to live out but city is much expansive place).....

Thank You For Your Help!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea what Hertfordshire is (but I could find out) but I certainly have no idea what "City" could possibly mean. "City"? Seriously? You need to learn how to write with the reader in mind.

whereas city has modules like e-commerce and graphics designing,

Those aren't computer science subjects.

Anyway, we can't decide things like this for you.

"University of Hertfordshire" is a bit of a clue :) It's a university in Hertfordshire (UK) and City is City University, also in the UK...

Ohhh sory for my English!! I thought this website was from UKā€¦never-mind YES!!! Hertfordshire and City are both university located in UK..I just can't decide which university course is demandable: these are the year content for both universities:
http://www.herts.ac.uk/courses/Computer-Scienceug_structure.cfm -----Hertfordshire university in UK
http://www.city.ac.uk/study/courses/informatics/computer-science-bsc.html -----City university in UK

I am thinking of London City university, so if any one can tell me any books or any topic that I can start reading to give myself the head start in my degree!!!