hi all,
I'm a computer-science student and I'm finding a real hard problem finding a final year project, I want a little help and i hope i'm in the right place.
i'm looking for something related to the following topics:
1- i'm very good with databases (i have three certificates from oracle)
2-i'm very good in c,c++,c#(ASP.NET) and java
3- my previous projects was based on AI (I made a chess game)
4-i want the project to be interactive and i want it to be helpfull (people can use in their every day life)
plz help me,and i hope that those information will help you to minimize the search domain so you can help me.

> and i hope that those information will help you to minimize the search domain so you can help me.
It hasn't helped you, why do you think it will help us?

Look around, this forum is littered with "final year project" posts from a litany of people unable to think.

See, this is the final test which separates real software engineers who can innovate solutions, from the windowless cube-farm denizens who merely do as they're told.

Acquiring a bunch of certificates (i have three certificates from oracle) is basically a meaningless activity unless you've got the nouse to actually apply that knowledge to solving problems.

More scenarios:
You're at your first job interview, and you get asked "So what inspired you to choose this project?". Blurting out "some dude on a website told me to do it" will not go down well. And any other answer will be a lie.
You got the job (somehow), and you're asked "How would you solve this problem?". After a few "I dunno" answers, your colleagues will soon cotton on that you're just dead-weight.

Dear salem,
thank you for your reply, even though it was a little aggressive.
look the point of the internet is to share ideas and read new ideas.
I have ideas for my project, but i wanted to hear new ones,may be they will help me expanding my ideas.
if you don't have any thing to say,you don't have to reply.
but thank you for your concern.
"if the talk from silver,the silence from gold" old indian phrase.