What are good research topics for computer science degree students. Am interested in doing a research in viruses but do not know a good topic to center my research on. Any research topic is welcome even if it is not about viruses.

AI, is a new topic ( comparing it with other topics in CS), so you have a lot of topics like data mining, NLP, Neural Networks, Expert Systems.....
but what the word need in researche the most is how to get the computer to understand a human... so you can follow on, in NLP like isolated words recognition in some language, or more complex like CSR (continues speech recognition). btw i'm working on my final project in CS and i'm having isolated words recognition in android system as its topic

we can work together if you want :D.... Regards..

thank you for the ideas, will check with my supervisor

you are welcome, and let me know if i helped you enough

You can conduct research regarding security, backup, software development models, quality assurance practices and artificial intelligence.