why there is so much gap between education and practical.

because most people working in education never worked a day in a real job.

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Maybe because it's just meant to be so, there is always a big gap between what you can do, and what the next person can do, it's like that in the real world, so it might seem like education and practical are so wide apart but almost every other thing is from one the other.
But the truth is that most educationist never really get the chance to face real life problems, except those that have companies or are into research, it's like they do the same thing over and over so there is really no challenge of sort. That's why fresh graduates need a lot of training to adapt them to the business world.

There is a big difference between unemployed and those who are actually employable. Every graduate you come across might not be employable and you have to spend a lot of time on the training of the employee. Thus, it becomes essential to know about your workforce before you choose to employ the person.

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Wow great one jonlucas.

everyone's employable, but a lot of people don't have a clue as to what they can really do and write on jobs way above their head.
Like they submit a resume to be a programmer when all they're good for is shining shoes.

Because when you get It related Education then its nothing without implementing in practical life......

But some actually some through and adapt to practicals fine, how about that.

yes in IT you can do many things specially through blogging people earns alot, if you are a developer than whenever you stuck with something n finds a solution to fix that problem take a screen shoot of that n then write down its solution will helps alot n if your blog become popular u can earn through it

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That's a good one.