Hi! I need help! Im a graduating student and Im sick and tired of thingking and surfing the net of what Thesis Title would I propose :mad: , then I got hooked in this cool site(thank GOD! :lol: )

Im quite good in VB6, not exactly good in JAVA, C++ but if you teach me Im sure I can get. :lol:

Can you please help me to think :-| of what thesis title can i propose with the use of some algorithm that can apply to VB6 or maybe in JAVA....

Thank you so much!!! May GOD bless YOU!!! :cheesy:

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Hi everyone,

Knowing VB6 is not very helpful as its now considered legacy. You can try other variation of basic, they're better and you will get further with them. A good example is Rapid-Q and Real Basic.

For the use of Java you can try to create a new email format using binary streams but its quite tough. You can also create a messagging system in java

Richard West


Actually, VB6 is rarly used outside educational institutions. If you want to make programming a professional career you will have to learn c++, and learn it pretty thoroughly. Most software houses use c++, but M$ Visual .NET is picking up speed.


thanks for the advise....i quite good in c++ and i think i have to study it well so what do you think can i propose using that language? thanks

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