Hey ,
I wanted to know if browsing a page takes the same data as downloading it.
Also, does streaming a youtube video take the same bandwidth as downloading it.

The obvious answer would be yes, because buffering is basically downloading in itself.
But I have noticed that it takes far too much data while downloading youtube videos using a Youtube Downloader. Or is it, because, I am downloading videos in a different Resolution and the youtube downloader downloads videos in HD by default.

Please give me a Linux based answer. I have heard that youtube videos when streamed used to get saved in the /tmp/ folder, NOT ANY MORE cuz of flash update to 10.2. Please check

I am not sure if this is the right forum for this question. Please move it to an appropriate forum in that case.


its takes the same amount of data when downloading. But the webpage loads some additional info, like adverts and user comments and all that.