From where I can download Apple MAC OS 10.6 ?
How I can install on a PC? (what are the steps including screen-shots?)
How I can write .dmg file in windows or in Ubuntu ?

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1) you can't (legally). Buy it from an apple store or apple authorized reseller for $29. It's an entire operating system for less than $30... literally can't beat it without stealing.

2) That is technically and generally illegal. Look somewhere else for that instructional.

3) There's a windows utility called 'macdrive' that has a free trial, that might be of some help to you. I haven't encountered anything that writes dmg's in windows or linux... but why do you want to? macs can read iso's and any other file type that those OS's can create.

I agree with tje210. You can constantly upgrade your mac version by going to software update. Write dmg files i am not so sure. Never heard before. Installing mac on pc is easy. But in daniweb they don't allow users to help in any illegal manner. Sorry, try googling that for how to install

You can't install mac on pc as they don't allow, you can only install pc on mac. You can't download mac version 10.6 you can only buy the disk. The disk contains version 10.6.5, you can have updates often to update your mac version from 10.6.5 to 10.6.6. I recommend you to buy the new version of mac, mac osx lion 10.7. That is the latest version and is faster and have more features. It cost very cheap when you buy the disk only. I agree with tje210, follow his advice, no point just posting what he has already post. Hopes this answer your questions any more questions. I am ready to help.

To restore to a drive, select the Disk Image and click the Restore tab. Then ensure it is in the Source field (drag it there if it is not), and then drag your drive of choice from the Disk Utility sidebar to the Destination field. Then click the Restore button and confirm you wish to delete the drive and restore the image to it. If you run into any errors, try formatting the drive first and then drag the formatted volume to the Destination field instead of the entire drive device.

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