I'm a computer science student, my O.S teacher asked us to write a operating system simulator in java, each group of students should write a piece of the simulator, like memory management, process scheduler, file system, etc.

My group needs to make the file system part, it's more like a visual thing, it doesn't have to be as complex as an a complete file system. I'm not sure how I would do it, how would be the visual, or how we would simulate the disk blocks, sectors and stuff.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do you have any requirements, or are you free to design the file system however you want?

I'd start with basic design (folders, files, &c.), and from there, design the API that consumers of your file system will use (or if you want to be more formal, start with use cases). From there, you can start implementing it at a high level first; for example, just stick file contents in a tree structure to represent folders.

The API (or use cases) will also inform any UI design you do--methods in the API (actions in the use cases) should translate to actions in the UI.

Once you have that working, then you can look at emulating some sort of physical disk (sectors, &c.) if you want that level of detail.

He didn't specify any restrictions about the implementation, the only thing he asked is that must be possible to integrate all of the parts in one bigger application to form the simulator.

Anyway, Your idea is very good, I'll try to figure something out similar to what you've said.

Okay, have fun! Post more questions if you have any.