Hello, My name is Justin. I am currently taking a course in college that requires me to write a paper in which I have to interview another person currently or originally in my field of study.
First I will need your name and Job title and place of employment. The name is kind of personal so if you don't want to then you do not have to, I will explain it to the professor.

Second, could you please answer these questions:
1.What experience/ knowledge is required for your job?

2.How do you use , thinking and communicating skills in this job?

3.What do you do on a typical day? How are your deadlines set, and how do you meet them?

4.Does your job require overtime? and what is the average salary in this field?

5.What courses in college helped you prepare for this job? What was your major?

6.Can you suggest some ways that a student could gather experience?

7.What is the biggest challenge you encounter?

8.If you were entering this career today would you change your preparation in any way to help facilitate entry?

9.What advice could you give to someone thinking about entering in this career?

Thank you so very much and I eagerly await a reply, if you do not want to post it then you can also email it to me: <EMAIL SNIPPED>

Why don't you search the post archives? We get this request regularly, and the questions are almost always identical.

I saw one or two, but the questions were not similar enough. I will try again but would really appreciate it if someone could answer these.

I appreciate your time. Unfortunately my hard drive failed and I lost all my previous work on the paper. I have 30 minutes till its due and im just going to see how far I can get, if I do get to the interview part ill simply BS it at this point. Your thoughtful consideration to help if I put my part of the work in is greatly appreciated and I wish I had the time to get a full interview. Thank you.

Yeah, TBH you could answer all of these questions yourself without too much trouble. I don't understand why the average salary is a question though - just look it up. More than likely whoever you are asking won't know as well as the internet anyway.

The reason is that its supposed to get a personal type of experience.
I personally hated this paper because the idea was to basically plan out your entire life in only one semester. To make matters worse this is only my freshman year. It's stupid. I however did get a nice $500 scholarship by taking it. Sorry for troubling anyone.

My point was that there is nothing personal about an "average" salary. That is why its called an average, because it includes everyone. Either way, congrats on the scholarship though.