I am doing a math research on mathematcians. I searched up Lady Ada Lovelace on wikipedia and many other websites and all it says is, "Lady Ada Lovelace made the first computer"

If you know nything about her contributing to math please respond.

Please help if you can


I found this - Her contributions to math consisted of translating an article about the analytical machine created by charlie brown and writing her own notes predicting what it could do making 1893 computers possible.

Might be worth looking up the analytical machine created by charlie brown.

Hope this helps, mat.

Thanks, but where did you get that? I am doing the best I can with my research and can't find a lot.

It was just an answer on wikianswers. I googled "What did ada lovelace have to do with maths?".

Thanks for all your help!

I'm going to close this thread if that is ok?

OK with me :o)