Hi there, I just started learning algorithms and our lecturer is really crap. I decided to teach myself through introduction to algorithm 3rd edition. Can you recommend any websites or other books for extra reading. Thanks in Advance.

That is a pretty nebulous question; it covers so much ground.

You learn best by doing, so continually program.
Learn one thing at a time. It sounds like you are in school so, for the moment, focus on the languages you are covering in class. And keep asking questions.

An algorithm consists of the steps required to solve a particular problem. Often they are stated in mathematical terms, but that is not required. You can express an algorithm in pseudo code (examples are how to compute fibonacci sequences, etc). One of the classic volumes on the subject is Niklaus Wirth's "Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs". FWIW, Wirth was the inventor of the Pascal and Modula programming languages. He was also the PhD advisor to my friend Bruce Ravenel who was one of the chief architects of the Intel 8086/8087 processor family (now the basis of the x86 processors that most of our non-ARM computers use). Here is a link to the subsequent volume: http://www.amazon.com/Algorithms-Data-Structures-Niklaus-Wirth/dp/0130220051

You can study from MIT OCW or lectures from other universities. Apart from that, there are many lecture notes available. You can also study The Algorithm Design Manual by Prof. Steven S Skiena.