Hi, I'm looking into implementing a program that can translate words into another language (english to name the language) and I am looking for an easily readable language. I posted in this forum because its not really a coding issue, and its closer to the Natural Language Processing that is a computer science field.

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Are you just translating 'words', ie, making a dictionary? Or are you translating whole sentences?

I'm assuming you want to translate sentences.

(1) Inflected languages would be nice here. Inflected means that the ending of the word indicates what part of speach it is (aswell as tense). This means that you don't need to worry about the sentence structure as much.

(2) Consitency is also important; the more consitant it is, the less you need to spend time on exceptions.

(3) Easy to learn, and simply syntax.

I think that Esperanto is a good start for you! It's a constructed language that was designed to be simple. It is also fairly well known. You can learn it with this.

In your title I think you mentioned you were also looking for a library to help you (try to include all of the information in the body of the post as well). nltk might be a good start. You may also find that scikit-learn will help depending on how you want to approach this.

Thank You, BTW, I like the Umbreon.

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