Write a C++ program that reads in two partially filled arrays. One array contains student IDs (with int type) and the other contains GPAs (with double type). The program will sort the two arrays according to the student ID and print out the results.

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Use a std::map<int,double> that maps the student id to their GPA. It will be sorted for you. The implementation I leave to you. Note that you got 2 down-votes, mostly because WE DO NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOR YOU! Make an effort to solve the problem. Post the code and compiler or runtime output. THEN we may help you more concretely... :-(

Write a C++ program that asks the user to enter grades of quiz1, qui2 and quiz3, then find the minmume grade and write it to a file called “minmuim.txt”, your program should display a message to inform the user that the data written to a file.

Write a C++ program using While loop that asks the user to enter the integer value of n and then tell the user if n is prime or not:

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