Hi :cool: ,
What is the nicest shortcut you discoverd when coding? I don't know about you - but I have unbounded love for recursion :D . It's always hard to visualise (for me atleast...) but it's so beautiful and efficient. After I'd made a recursive procedure @ work I got over the shock that they teach the method at uni :eek: only to be pained by my mates hating it @ our uni - the problem of education - they wanna shove it down your throat:p .

Anyway, what is you favourite method you use in coding? [We all have our favourite functions...but that's another thread:) ]

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actually believe it or not recursion is considered "elegant" but not more effecient, It actually requires more memory than normal iteration and is mostly used as a logical convience for approaching recusive problems.


Really?...:) ...all these years I've been thinking that....:lol:
I think I was fooled by the fact that a piece of code get used over and over again - so is more efficient. Obviously i need a retake in my logic module! :lol:
You're right - we were taught that @ uni I think - but I'm trying to ge that outta my system now...I still can't believe it....:lol: It's like I thought you spell environment with out an 'n' for years and when i found out I fell on the floor laughing...:lol: :cry: :lol:

Anyway...you got a favourite piece of code?...or do u love it all?....or hate it all?.....or non-reactionary....?


I think my favorite programming shortcuts are subroutines and functions for small pieces of code. Using them makes your programs smaller and your code easier to read, but it also uses more space on the stack.

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