hello everyone iam kinda new with pygame. I wanted to create a one mans game which is similar to shoot and killl. i was able to move around my play but the issue is that whenever i press the K_space nothing is coming out and also i would like when the bullet collide health shows up and when the enemy reaches the player game over to be displayed.

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This sounds like Berzerk!

the issue that i wanted to enemy to show up in different direction and display Game over but it does display game over but the game still goes on.
and sometimes the game slows down

In regard to "game slows down" that's a great topic in game design.

I can't write at length about this but there are different approaches to getting a game to run at a steady clip. The main one I recall and mind you this was something we worked decades ago was to set a timer as so many times a second and effects, movement and such would be made during each tick of the timer.

If you don't have a timer you run into the problem that it speeds or slows down as you move, fire and more.

that make sense now. the other issue is that iam trying to make the enemy to shoot non stop and to make a healthbar.Thanks

could someone help working on the main menu of the game i was able to figure out what is the issue with this
menu = pygame_menu.Menu(300, 400, 'WELCOME !',
the error:
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_size'
what can i do to solve this

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