Ok so I am writing an entry level CV. I have no previous experience in the computing industry although I have listed personal projects I have done for others etc...

My question is, for the last five years or so I have worked in a factory, not related to computing, should I list this job on my CV so it will show I have not been sitting around for the last few years, or should I just leave it out because it is not related?

Any help on this would be appreciated..


Holes in your work history are more damning than history in unrelated fields. So yes, add that job.

I second that. Definitely, put that work experience on your CV. Not only does it show that you have not been sitting on behind for five years, it also shows a number of qualities like being hard working, being able to show up on time every day (at least, if your factory is anything like the wood-mill I used to work at), being consistent (the same job for 5 years), and so on.. Being a good employee has a lot in common even between wildly different occupations (programming vs. factory-floor worker, or whatever else). Work experiences should be taken out of your CV only if they are so old that they are not relevant anymore or if there is something really bad about it (very short employment, getting fired for a bad reason (as opposed to just "re-organization"), etc.).

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