hi. ive been making a site that is mostly in 2 frames, a banner with a menu to the diferent pages ( Ill call then A, B, C for explaination purposes), and then the main frame where the pages load up -simple.

But one section I have split into 3 frames: the banner, main and a contents style frame. To do this I created the 3 frame page( which is B) and link to it from the banner to open up in the whole window, and this works fine.

BUt then, once in the 3frame page when I click on one of the other links(eg A which is home) on the banner the page loads up in the main frame, but still with the contents frame there obviously, ( and I dont want it there.)

I dont want to have to create a frames page for all the different links on the banner (theres more than just AB&C), because then the banner would keep being reloaded, and almost defeats the point of having the banner as a frame.

I half solved it by having two versions of the banner:
1. for 2frame pages that open pages in the main window and
1. for the 3frame page so it opens a two frame page in the whole window,

and this works ok but i dont know how to specify what page i want in the main window eg, A or C.

Does anyone know how or whether it is even possible to link to a specific frame arrangement, im kind of thinking it should be able to be done with a query on the end of the address or something else pretty simple, but i just dont know how.

hope someone can help. thanks guys


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Hi Rika, Ill answer my own question as ive worked out how to do it?

I just have a 2 frame page(B) open in the main window of the 2 frame page, and link to it from the banner like i link to all the others.

Its incredibly simple, thats probably why no one answered, and i feel pretty stupid for asking, but hey, the answers here now for another shmuck like me to learn from.

thanks Rika


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