Hello again =)

Now i have a question about vbulletin and its usergroup manager and some mysql questions that goes with it.

We have a clan site and vbulletin forum.
I have created a specific usergroup for our clan members. Now i want to display those users on a none forum page by grabing the information from the database using dreamveawer.

Whenever i try i cant since i have all members on registered membergroup as main group and the clan member group as secondary and it will not display the secondary groups if i try to grab it from the database.

Is there anyway to get it out of the database ?
I have professional querymanager but i dont know how that works LOL. If it even helps ?

I can display the main group perfectly but not the secondary group. :-|

Not to good of an explonation but i hope you understand anyway =)

For a primary usergroup:

SELECT userid FROM user WHERE usergroupid = 2

For a secondary usergroup:

	 membergroupids LIKE "%2,%" OR
	 membergroupids LIKE "%,2"