Hello people,

I've completed my second year of B.Sc Computing Degree and currently finding a good project idea for my final year project :-/ . I'm more interested in mobile computing area but also interested in Web and Desktop applications. I have only another three weeks to start my final year :( . So please help me with some good innovative ideas to start my final year project.


Hi Camila

innovative idea: think for yourself instead of slavishly waiting for others to think for you.
If you can't manage even the thinking up of a project idea you don't deserve to pass that exam.

Each student writes a number and passes the sheet to his neighbor (sequentially). No student or a group of students should be able to figure out another student's score.

commented: Who what how now? -1

which has exactly nothing to do with the topic of this discussion...

Any Idea for a project in Web Aplications?

> Any Idea for a project in Web Aplications?
Well you could write a detector for useless bumps of dead threads on forums.

It seems the world is full of students incapable of independent thought.

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