Well, well, well...Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO added Virtual Iron to his collection today. Congratulations, Larry. When is Oracle going bankrupt? Every time that I've seen a company acquire too many other companies in a short time period, they always end up in the dustbin.

Oracle just acquired Sun just one short month ago. I'm not sure what Larry's thinking on this one--Virtual Iron is Xen which is an open source, Linux-based virtualization product that Oracle could have produced themselves.

I'm also not sure exactly what they're buying--Virtual Iron's vast client base? That's a laugh. Virtual Iron sparks such little interest for me, a Linux technology writer who also writes about virtualization, that I have actually never written about it except for this post. I don't hate Virtual Iron--I just don't see any reason to write about it since it is Xen and Citrix does a much better job with their version of it.

I think perhaps Larry needs a vacation.

Hey, Larry, why didn't you buy Citrix instead? Citrix is worth something. They have a huge client base. They own XenServer. And, they own some of the best remote application technology ever made. It would have made more sense (cents?) to buy Citrix instead of Virtual Iron. Just think of the power of combining Citrix, Oracle, Xen and Sun all into one awesome product.

I'd call it The Oracle Cloud Machine. Oracle-powered applications delivered at the speed of light with Citrix Metaframe technology all running on XenServer.

Hey, Larry, you owe me for that one too.

Good luck with Virtual Iron. I guess your yacht can use a good anchor.

Oracle has acquired about 50 companies since 1999 with most of those since 2005. Its acquisitions include Sun, PeopleSoft, Innobase, Siebel, Hyperion and BEA.

I respect what Larry chose.I'm sure he has a lot of reasons behind that decision.Goodluck and i'm hoping for the business progress.