I'm a novice to Access and am learning using Access 2007. I've created my tables and established their relationships. I've created the forms using the wizard. I'm attempting to display summary data on a form but am not having any success.

I have a SKU table and form. I have an inventory table that is joined to the SKU table via a sku id column. The inventory table has a one-to-many relationship to the sku table. The inventory table contains the sku quantity. I'd like to display the sku quantity on the sku form.

I'm thinking that I should add a text box to the sku form. The control source for this text box should be the sku quantity (I'm guessing). When I do this, the form doesn't display a quantity. Instead, it displays "#Name?". Am I completely off base with this approach? What is necessary to display the summary totals in the sku form based on the data in the inventory table?


I forgot to mention that I did one more step.

I created a query and attempted to insert the results of the query in the field. I did this by clicking the elipse next to the control form. I selected the query I created but the field in the form didn't display a quantity. Instead, it displays "#Name?".

Did you use the name of the field the query produced?

I got it to work, using the name of the field produced by the summary data function.. But you can't use data from both a table and from a query based on that table in the same form.