I am trying to develop a website for a babe ruth baseball team. I want to include a page that displays team and player statistics. I have created Excel files for data from each game. I have also created an Excel file that collects data from each game and adds together (for season totals) and averages. I would like to be able to export this data to Access and have it displayed on webpage using ASP. I want to be able to just input data from a game to its sheet and have all the totals and averages updated automatically, so that i don't have to update the game data AND change the webpage. If i am sounding too confusing, I can probably explain it better. Basically, every time we have a game and I input the data from that game, I would like the webpage to display the updated totals and averages, as well as that game's data. Can anyone help, or point me in the direction?

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Excel has a "Save as web page" option in the File menu. Do all of your calculations with ranges, so you can insert a column and they still work. Be sure to use the correct cell addressing modes, so inserting a row doesn't change your references. Then, just replace the old page with the new one when another game is played.

I used this function to produced updated statistics for time sheets on a job. If it worked for that, it works for sports stats.

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