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I'm new here and actually new to access 2003. I have deal with Vb.net but never access. I actually doing a intern and they want me to build a huge database. All there documents are spread out and all over the place as format of excel. I could just convert them into a access database, but they want all the excel in one huge or whole database. Since the database contain information about people they want to pull up certain person and see what his information is. My question is I believe that can be done, the problem is I'm new and I don't know where to start. I thought of just coding it, but there converting the access database so there no point of coding it. So a lot of explaining to me and a lot of help would be awesome.

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I understood your problem. I think that we can change the documents from excel to access by using Hyper link option or it is also better to consult the experts.
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29c3, It is easy enough to IMPORT an excel spreadsheet into an Access db. In '03 go to File-->Get external Data and then walk through the wizard and they will become new Tables in your db. If it is Excel you will have to make sure that you choose each spreadsheet seperately (it will not do a whole workbook at once but each worksheet individually). Then you can go in the the design view of each table and clean it up from there.

I find that most people think that a db is so easy to set up and they throw all this stuff at you but they haven't really sat down and decided how the db will look - how each table will be linked (related) and what forms or reports will be needed. They just think that it is as easy as typing a letter but it is much more complicated than that. Good Luck!

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