Does anyone know how i can get a list of the java stored procedures that are inside the oracle database using oracle sql developer?

If anyone has used Toad, i m referring to the list of java classes that comes up when u click the Java tab in Toad.


There's a Java category in the list of categories of items when you connect to a database.

Thanx for replying jwenting, but i dont see any thing on my side regarding category of items, i m using oracle sql developer 1.0

i also can't find anything like that on sql developer 1.2.1

The java files are visible in the latest release version 1.5

But now i have these numbers infront of the class file, but have no clue what they are, they are not there in toad(i checked on someone elses computer). Also some of the classes names have been cut off.

Any thoughts on what they are, e.g:

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