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Can a runtime environment connect to and update records in a FM database on a file server?

From what I understand, runtime env's package a copy of the actual database and allows someone to use it on a system without FM installed....

Basically, I want to create a "Time clock" of sorts for employees that will show timestamps in and out, accumulated hours per day, per week, per month.

We currently have a FMPro DB that employee data are collected in and I want to display this time information in this database as well.

I was thinking, have a "time clock" FM DB and relate it to the "EmployeeInfo" DB.

I just did not want to justify 300.00 for a license just for a time clock.


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Runtimes can not access databases hosted by the FileMaker Server application. It was possible a long, long time ago, but then they realized that nobody would by licenses anymore if they people do this.

Do you have a file server only, or an actual FileMaker Server? Depending on that, and on which version you are running, you may want to consider either Instant Web Publishing, or even Custom Web Publishing with PHP.

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