I am trying to crate a web application for a database (a form and a search+results pages). HOWEVER, I am seriously stuck because I cannot install IIS on my workstation to start working. The university I am at cannot have me IIS installed (it's forbidden) because it would turn my workstation into a server. I am at a certain university but the host will be somewhere else (not 100% sure where).

My question is:
Is there any way around IIS? I just want to start working and connect Dreamweaver with my Access database! I don't need to be online. Or do I have to be online to test it even at the early stages of the work?

PS: The database is not big (I don't even have the data) I just created the tables, relationships etc. In other words I am open to use any other database system too if that was an easier process...

Any help would be appreciated!

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This will only work locally (and may not work at all). I have only got this to work on XP-Professional. Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools. You may have to click Switch to Classic View to find Administrative Tools. Now go into Data Sources (ODBC). Click on MS Access Database and click Configure. Enter a name for the Data Source Name. Under database, click Select. Now go find where you have the db saved.


Do you mean first I should try to install Personal Web Server 4.0? Or I don't need that. I have XP Prof (SP 3).


Unfortunately, it is just not enough help for me. I have already done the ODBC thing before (because you mentioned it replying to my first post). But then what I have from you is a PHP script. I think what I need is an ASP script. Anyway, I think I have to experiment or seek in person help. I am not a programmer so these things are not in my area.
Thanks anyway.

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