I have a really weird thing happening in my database. It used to work fine but all of a sudden now when I preview the report, it shows up too large. Please see the pictures to understand what I mean.

I have tried undoing every change that I had made, but I still have no clue why it displays this way. The oddest thing about it is, when you preview the report for the first time after opening the database, it displays incorrectly. If you close the report, then open it again and all subsequent time as long as the database doesn't close, it displays properly. As soon as you close the database, reopen it, and preview the report, it displays incorrectly again.

Has anyone encountered this before?

The database is made in Access 2003 but the database is still in a 2000 format.

The only VB in the whole database is to make alternate rows in the details section shade. A group header has an embedded word object.


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Well just because I couldn't wait for a reply, I decided to remake the report copying the controls from the broken one. It works fine now.

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