I am designing School Management System. I dont know how to design database for this.
My Application contains 5 parts.
Data Entry
I need to maintain the following records. And these are not fields and i need all these for the particular page.
Register (UserName,Password,SecurityQuestion,SecurityAnswer ,Email,Role)
Login (UserName,Password,Active,LoginAttempts,LastLoginD ate, etc.)
Profile (UserName,Password,FirstName,LastName,DOB,FatherNa me,Role,Class,Address,Area,City,State,Country,Phon e,Email etc.)
Attendance(Present or Absent,Date,Holiday(yes or no))
Also i need to maintain timetable, holidays, working days, report cards, user management etc.

Pls have a look at this link. I am creating the duplicate of this one. And how to design database for the needs in that application?

What exactly you want to achieve from this model ?

I am designing the application like that in the link. And i want to design database for that.