I am in my 3rd year and would be required to submit about 5 project proposals next month. I am really interested in doing a project involving database but as many topics as i have seen look like i would get hooked mid way. So please if you have any ideas to share and be of assistance anytime i would really appreciate.Thank you
P.S: I am studying computer science.

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Try a mini unique id project for citizens of your country.

Thank you for the idea but could you explain a little further

I'd imagine ithlep is talking about making a database that stores an ID for every citizen along with other personal information like their name, address, those sorts of things. Something possibly similar to the social security number of the US.

> Thank you for the idea but could you explain a little further
Yes, and I bet your tutors will ask you exactly the same question as well.

The only difference being is that your explanation will be even more vague than whatever is posted here.

That's what you get when you can't think for yourself (it's an endemic problem on this forum for some reason). I suppose it's all those dumb "final project" searches people type in, and look, daniweb.com is at the top of the list. In they trudge, post yet another "final project" thread and thus further "improve" DW's rank in google and the whole vicious cycle continues.

Quite how you got to your third year without having to think, or much less being inspired along the way with "hey, this would be an interesting project" is beyond me.

commented: Very good point. +1

When I did my final project instead of trying to think of an aimless program that hundreds of other students have already done and will just be scrapped the second it was graded.

I found a small charitable organization in my city and offered my services. Small organizations always need something but do not have the resources or know who to ask to get them done.

This will not only give you a project with more real world experience but you can benefit your community in a small way.

commented: Now that's a fine idea! Something like that earns all sorts of points, and not just for the degree. +36

i will suggest you to go with Student Management system because you know all the activities of it and it easy to make system on it so you can understand Flow of system and you can do effective work on it ..

More in detail regarding student Management
1)Student Registration
2)Student Attendance
3)Student Exam and Marks Management
4)Student reputation management(Advance concept)

You study with your partner and can make proposal according to it

Thank you .

Thank you all, especially Salem who some very odd reasons seem to be very angry with the world.

Just making sure you have an early dose of reality.
You think prospective employers will mollycoddle you?

Unless you can think for yourself, you'll always be stuck in your cube on a cube farm, and you'll always be expendable.

It's a choice I suppose, but you didn't really need to go to college just to aspire to that level of mediocrity.

am a student diploma level and am expected to forward my proposal by the end of this semester.pliz give any proposal that i can implement in vb or SQL.if any pliz e-mail me at <EMAIL SNIPPED>

And if you continue with this level of selfmotivation you aren't going to finish the year.

If you ask a specific question the people here will gladly reply. And you will get the benefit of years of experience. If you ask for your college work to be done for you what else do you expect but angry "think for yourself" comments.

Remember nearly all of the people here have finished their degrees, and very few of them needed help.

i need final year topc related to project management and networking or information technol;ogy as a whole

i need final year topc related to project management and networking or information technol;ogy as a whole

That's a statement - not a question - and has nothing to do with the original poster. Don't hijack other peoples' threads.

Very good read. There is a dose of reality mixed with some random ideas. To have an idea you have to research. And the best ideas comes by inspiration. This thread has helped me to get some more inspiration. My strengths are web applications and databases. Now just need the glue in between. Any more suggestions?

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