I need to buy some books on database systems. A complete course from start to end. Well the books should have some theoretical explanation but should focus more on practical ideas and solutions. I need to learn sql, xml, xhtml, rdbms, oodbms and whatever other scripting languages there are. I mostly want to work on MS Access and SQL server so want to learn about that too and connecting c# application to the DB. Well there are separate books on each topic above but i want to have books that can squeeze most of the different stuff into a single book. I'm not saying that i want only one book. I can buy several but not like having so many a different book for every different topic. Remeber that i'm totally new to this stuff so i need to start from ground zero to professional level. One more question that should prefer oracle or sql server and access. well i'm not going to make enterprise level databases just small ones for may be college, a store and web based.

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