HI I have to create a small database that will be used by the clients, to get and be able to run their own reports.
Can you think of any other Columns needed? You have to allow for a client to have one or more persons be the admin, that is, that person can assign a new user to get reports. The reports (asp.net code) will check this database against the user login. The idea here is that our client's will subscribe to reports, as this saves them the expense of developing them etc.

These 4 tables need to be created and integrated. I am proposing the columns for them but need feedback. We are also adding a Company table.

CustomerID, CustomerType, Report Number,

CustomerID, Username, User Status (admin, etc)

CustomerID, Username

CustomerId, CustomerName, Subscriber status, Subscriber date-from, Subscriber date-to, Contact, Contact-info,

For now, You're good to go. if there is to be need for a change, that would be when you start coding before you discover that. You cant finish a project when you've not started.