Hi friends, can you guys help me to find the best way to track information changes in sql server 2000, like a free utility. The problem is that i need to track every single table because i want to figure something out. we have an ERP System and there is one process that i would like to know what tables it touch something like that.


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if you have a testing enviorment
you can open a new trace in sql server profiler on the test db
and lunch the process you wish to check
there you can see everything that is executed on the db
if you dont have a testing enviorment then i suggest you will build one


Like noamwegner says, use profiler to get a trace. You can limit what the trace will record with client workstation, so you can use it with production or test environments.


Yes i forgot to reply back, but that works with no problem, thanks so much, and happy new year to all!!!

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