This is a part of hospital diagram.

Each nurse can be assigned to different wards on different days of the week so a nurse must be supervised by another one who is assigned to the same ward on the same day of the week as the nurse or the nurse may be supervised by different nurses on different days of the week, but both the nurse and the supervisor nurse must be assigned to the same ward on the same day in which the supervision takes place.

I thin the entity is

ward(WardNO, WardName) , nurse (staffNo,Name, WarsNo)

and tell me the degree and participant of relation

can anyone please help me..

In order to help I would like a little more information. What is the purpose of the database or report you are trying to run? Is it to verify supervision, plan a schedule, or what?

If you are trying to plan a schedule then I think you need to know what jobs need to be filled (ie 2 LVN's 1 RN) and what level nurse it takes for that job and what level the supervisor nurse needs to be.

More info would help.

Job(WardNo, Nurse_Level,

this is the picture. we must make some change into two entity (ward and nurse).

so can you please help me..

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I think you need a new entity called something like Roster that contains WardNo, Nurse, Date

Also since it is a hospital you probably need shift in there as well since there will be at least 2 shifts per day and obviously the supervisor needs to be on the same shift as the nurse

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