Before I begin, i'll have to say i'm totally computer retarded so anywho. First of all my File sharing is disabled - how do I enable it again, I can't find the setup wizard in Connections. I'm using a Microsoft Broadband Wired Base Station MN-100, I seem to have a problem with sharing my other computers hardrive, we're both connection through the same network group but when I share my other computers hardrive, I can't make a new folder or anything when I access the shared hardrive on thsi computer. I figure that I needed to give permission for this computer in the share and security settings, but it only lets me give permission on XP accounts on that computer, so how do I get it so thsi computer can have Full Accessed Permission on the shared hardrive?

OS = Windows XP Professional


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Strart/Programs/Accessories/Communications/Network Connections/ Right Click on the Icon /Properties Now mine is disabled so I cant guide you anymore but in the tabs somewhere theres a box thats unchecked can someone else help this user out I think its theFILE & PRINTER SHARING tab

I dont know why you would want to enable it though because of the vulnerability issues there. If you would like to read more about these services go to this geniuses site

I am going to assume that you can see the machine when you browse the network from Windows explorer and all machines are XP/Windows 2000. If you cant see them, then there may be other issues.

So the issue here is Windows Networking. I won't get into the blah blah blah about it but its based on accounts and something called pass through authentication. When you try to attach/use a resource, your machine tries the currently logged on user to attach to the machine. If that user is not a part of the machine that you are trying to access, then you will get Access Denied.

So if you are logged on as user 123abc on computer1, then user 123abc needs to exist on computer2 and have rights (which you seem to know about) to the share. To create accounts, you have to be an admin on the machine. Use the Adminitrative Tools control panel applet to Manage the Computer (Manage Computer). Click on Local Users and Groups. Right Click on Users to add a New... account.

There is a group called everyone that you can use, but it is soooooooo dangerouse that I dont reccommend using it. Basically it give Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, access to your machine from the your local ISP and the Internet. Most ISPs block the traffic for MS networking at their borders, but not within their borders. So if you have a cable modem, you will be sharing that resource with all the other subscribers of your cable network.

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Alright thanks guys, I got everything to work, thanks for the help, i'll keep the extra info in mind.

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