I am developing a website that will host lots of user information. Things like avatar images, personal information, information about the users skills, etc. I will also be implementing a forum at some point. I am using a MySql db just to be clear.

Ok now, I need some ideas on how to set up the database to hold all of this information. Right now I was thinking that I could create a MEMBERS table, to hold username, password, etc. Using the MEMBERS table to authenticate the user and login. Then I could created different 'INFORMATION' tables to hold all the information. The INFORMATION table has a row called owner that holds a username. Then when the user logs in I just match the user name to the owner name of the information, and display the correct information.

Does this sound like a good design or are there better / more secure ways to do this?

ps: is http://www.programmingforums.org really related to daniweb?

Hey ShadyTyrant,

Sounds good to me. When you start to create the tables, you would need to link them up via foreign keys and the likes and normalize. You would also need tables to hold user posts and threads and information like that.

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