Hi, www.invoguelogo.com is a logo design and downloading site. It has a collection of different types of logo. Whenever I try to search in google by related logo design keyword, I can’t found my website in the search result. How can I improve ?

do forum submissiona and also consult direct professional seo's.

Rename your images logically with words separated by comma such as "brand-name.jpg" and put a little description nearby it as in a caption. This will provide the search engine something intelligible about the logo. It may not rank the logo well but it will at least consider it and offer it in image and search results.

You can also try enhancing the ranking by getting a couple of hyperlinks to the images using Pinterest or similar social media trigger.

Use alt tags and also try to add some content. Back links are also play a vital role for ranking so try to get good quailty back links by form posting, blog commenting and use the social media sites too.

ver I try to search in google by related logo design ke

You need expert hand on this. By reading your article it seems that you don't know anything about website promoting. You can pm me if you want free review.

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