I am hoping to get some help on a view which needs to be pivoted, I am not sure though.
    View is in following format:

case_1          1           John            15                     84        
case_1          1           Jeff            10                     80
case_2          2           John            20                     90
case_2          2           Jeff            13                     65
case_3          3           John            7                      72
case_3          3           Jeff            17                     70

My final chart should look like the following:

case  case_order  John_current_month  John_FY   Jeff_current_month  Jeff_FY
case_1     1            15                84            10            80
case_2     2            20                90            13            65
case_3     3             7                72            17            70

My problem is that managers can change and so does the number of managers from month to month, 
so I can't hard code their names (ie. 'John' and 'Jeff') and use DECODE. It has to be dynamic... 
Will really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance. 

Please post the code that you are working on, to understand the exact requirement and come up with some solutions.

Hello, dynamically you can not do. In fact, for the months that have 12, you can always do it with decode

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