i have a problem with my pc i installed operating system windows xp but it restarts itself during the period when it is supposed to display the word "windows" on screen to begin installing for 39 minutes

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If you can get access to that drive from another computer, there should be a file called setuperr.log in the systemroot folder (c:\Windows) which is a log that the setup program writes to when there are issues.

i have two computers I cannot intall an operating system on. Both of them stop and say they have a corupted file press any key to reboot. there must be a way to fix these files. Please help

Check your HDD.
Or your PC has a virus.

am trying to install office 2010 and 2007 but get the following "set up cannot find office.en-us\shellUI.MST browse to find a valid source" i have tried several setups but keeps on failing but working on other people pcs

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