Hi if not too much hassle would like some general guidance on how to go about moving an existing clients drupal website. I never dealt with drupal as of yet. I was gonna host him and do changes for him. His old company gave me a folder with files in it

There is an sql file that has all his ubercart entries and site entries in it. I imported that to the database over the original drupal one-click install database that it made by default.

Then there is a folder called "pressflow-multi-2" (I can only assume that this folder means it uses some kind of multi site since there is another website from the previous host in there.

There is also a backup folder which has some back folders in it.

One other thing is that the website domain name has changed

I included some screens as well showing the file structure.



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there is no website its showing http://animaltrappingproducts.com/ apache default page right now. Client has a drupal website I usually just do wordpress sites for clients. It used to be thomastrapping.com and then I got him the animaltrapping one. I do not condone trapping of any animals I didn't make the site simply hosting it.

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I gave the client his money back couldn't figure it out. I gotta learn drupal now it seems.


I gotta learn drupal now it seems.

Would be helpful aha

And the fact that the Apache test page is showing up suggests an error with your file structure, not your databases or drupal itself.

Have a look to make sure the .htaccess, index.php and install.php files (and everything else) are in the public root folder, for most hosts it's public_html/.


yeah I will look into it. It was showing a drupal page and was working until I overwrote files via ftp I probably overwrote something wrong I may just redo it from scratch and try again and pay more attention to file structure. I did start learning drupal before the basics on navigating in there but nothing in regards to uploading preexisitng drupal site and I was only using webmatrix for local drupal installs and was messing around with that.


ok I got the website to show finally. I have an issue though, its linked to the old domain name with is http://www.thomastrapping.com which is causing broken image links (example http://animaltrappingproducts.com/store/rodent-traps) but I need to point it to http://animaltrappingproducts.com/ I guess I can do a find and replace site wide locally in dreamweaver? What about find and replace in the database itself any thoughts?

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ok I got the website to show finally.

Good good, please upvote if any of us helped you with that.

Make sure that Drupal's base URL is set up properly in the admin panel, and if so then use the admin panel to update your content and see if that works.
Avoid doing anything manually or in the database unless you have to, its a deadly game when theres a great admin panel to do it for you.


I upvoted thanks again I will look into that and see if I can fix it. I just bought video2brain drupal and got an O'reilly book on drupal that should help me get comfortable with it.


my admin panel seems to broken when I make changes or view certain thing slike primary links to change etc. I think it has to do with me installing drupal version 7 and then ftping over those admin files with drupal 6.16 which is the one the site was made. So I am going to try to install older version of drupal and see if I run into problems.

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