Hi Dw.

I'm trying to install MySQL and its my first time to install MySQL. I've downloaded the latest version which is version 5.7.12 and when I try to install its says "Beginning configuration step: Stopping Server [if necessary]
Ended configuration step: Stopping Server [if necessary]

Beginning configuration step: Writing configuration file
Path cannot be the empty string or all whitespace
Ended configuration step: writing configuration file"

I've saw another post on stackoverflow on someone who had the same problem but he/she was using version 5.7 and the solution was that he/she had to create a folder "MySQL 5.7" on "C:\ProgramsData\MySQL" I also tried this but nothing, the error still shows.

Am I missing something here?

Not suer, but try C:\ProgramData\MySQL instead of C:\ProgramsData\MySQL. I only use MySQL on Linux and since it is a standard package installation all of that cruft is taken care of for you.

Oops sorry I miss typed it when typing here, it ProgramData there's no s.

The easiest way to install in on a windows system is to download the MySQL installer MSI from:
and running it. It has worked for me every time and I normally do the mysql-installer-community- file at 384MB.
Although it only references 32bit it installs the 64 bit files if a 64bit system is detected and is noted on the page:
Note: MySQL Installer is 32 bit, but will install both 32 bit and 64 bit binaries.

I downloaded it there, but downloaded the offline install. Well will try redownloading it again if this continues then I will download the older version and see,

Thanks for sharing this useful post!! It has really been helpful.

Well I don't know whats the problem with this. Ive redownloaded the installer and tried it, got same problem, unInstalled the previous but Still when I try to install this same error is shown.

Thank you a million times. This all turns out to be the miner action I did at first which produced this error.

For someone who might as well experience the same problem. First of all, before installing MySQL server using installer for the first time, you need to ensure that on your system there are no tools which will come with an installer are already running in your system, this include Workbench, installer. Or should I say if you had installed these first before the actual MySQL server, you need to unInstall them first then always run an installer.

My problem was that I first installed these things and when I try to install the server it tries to look for already existing files but it don't find it because it does detect that some of its components have been installed on this system.

Thank you guys. You be best! Now I will start searching on how to create a database/tables/add data and so on. Thank you Dani again.

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