Hi Experts,

I had completed a database in vb.net with access database. Now my question is, how to make it accessible online?


Re: To make a system a web-based 80 80

Frankly I'd take your vb.net system and call it a proof of concept. Few web hosts give you an Access database so your vb.net efforts were to flesh out what you wanted the system to do.

Now go install a LAMP or WAMP (what those are, are on the web) so you can do over with a real web based system. If this is your first rodeo, take tutorials on PHP, MySQL and of course HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Figure a few months till you know enough to try again.

Re: To make a system a web-based 80 80

By completed a database in vb.net, do you mean completed in Asp.Net? If that's not the case, first complete all the tables updates and so forth in Asp.Net. Then search the web for "web hosting with access database" to host your access database and the complete application in the Internet.

Re: To make a system a web-based 80 80

BTW this seems a question to ask in Programming/web development.

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