Currently i am scouting Colleges that would provide me the neccessary education in game design. I am wondering if anyone could give me a few college names located in California that would prepare me if game design.

To be more specific, i also ask as to what field does game design fall under (computer science, interactive media, etc..?)

I am currently enrolled in City College of San Francisco and wonder if anyone could advise me to any classes i could take to prepare for game design.

And one last question, exactly what sub-field of game design does programming fall under (meaning using C++, Java, AI design, etc...?)

In regards to what language games are written in, it varies. Mostly I beleive they are written in C or C++ as these languages provide fast, direct access to memory (unlike C# or Java which interact with a virtual machine). Most mobile phone games are written in java however. I cannot really help you with your class enrolment questions I am afraid as I am a brit (lol) and do not know anything about classes in california (google is your pal). Hope this helps!

I dont know about california, but if your up to travel I heard that GuildHall is one of the best gaming colleges around. Its a part of SMU in texas (i think) and i think it requires you to already have an associates or bachelors degree in IT or Comp Sci before enrolling.