Hi all,

This is an openGL question, i am using DEVc++ not VC++. I am assuming this is a better place to post than in the C++ section, but i will do there also.

Im trying to make an accurate reconstruction of the Temple of Zeus at Nemea as a critical part of my third year dissertation. For a few weeks now i have been trying to create columns using GL_QUAD_STRIP using cos and sin but have made little progress. I have managed to make simple colums by plotting all the vertices myself using graph paper but its really not ideal for my reconstruction as the rest of the structure, constructed from line_loops and Quads is exactly proportional to the detailed plans i am using. I have assigned float values to all these so the proportions can be adjusted to within a few decimal places.
I have tried using the gluCylinder and viewing using gluPostion etc and managed to apply texture mapping to these, but they just are not feasable for this application.
Would be very grateful if any of you could give me some pointers as to how to do this, i have tried many times and debugged but it just doesnt seem to work when i do it!!

Many Thanks

I think you would be best off creating that model in a dedicated 3D modelling application.
Something like Blender or (if you have money enough) 3DSMax or Maya (or AutoCAD depending on what you want to do with it.

Thanks for the reply.
I was originally going to use a 3d modeling program, however i argue in my dissertation that pre-rendered images of archaeological reconstructions are only useful for presenting info to the public, and little use for archaeologists. I have made a 'wireframe' version of the temple and have used the vertex points to perform calculations - such as how far from the average the colums are spaced - this sort of thing is far more useful for archaeologists and cannot be done easily using 3d modeling programs
I have since discovered how to do the colums i wanted for my 'solid' model, but i thank you for your post anyway.