Hi, I want to build my own simple 2D RPG in Java. Whilst I am new to Java, I do understand the fundamentals of OO programming, and I am quick to learn, as long as someone isn't too impatient.

I just wonder if there is anybody who can check my understanding to see if its correct...

A Class for characters (sprites)
A method which adds points to experience
methods which changes name and stats in general

A Class for a map
Would I create a class which displays the map?

A class for a battle sequence
A method for initiating an attack animation

The main method to create the frame and run the game.

I am going to need some sort of collision detection so that the player can't walk into trees and houses. Would I make the map a background image and the objects such as houses and trees, sprites which can't be walked into? What is the technique (2D) RPG designers use?

Hoping you can help!

You should just try to implement the game, and go from there. You'll soon discover the scope of objects you need, then you'll be able to ask more specific questions about it.