I would just like to ask you guys something. I am planning to create my mini 3d game...Do you guys know any good steps to start with....I have programming knowledge in C, C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, Php and Openlaszlo... I am also studying LindenScript and OpenGL....

Can anyone provide me with a good way to start with it....:idea:

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a million,


Thanks invisal for your reply...

Yup I will check those. By the way, are you into game development? If so, what 3d games do you make?

nice avatar....



I used to interest in Game Development (mostly with OpenGL). However, I gave up at it like 2 years ago and try to focus on my studying.

hmm... I was working on a text-based game, but I stopped last year when I got stuck on something...

Interesting, what language did you use? How should I start my development, what do you think

Interesting article about Game Develpoment.I want to start a Development, before that i want to know about your Development. In which language it will provides, so could you please send me the details about this Game Development?

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