I just started reading and learning DirectX SDK's tutorials in order to develop skills for game programming.
I don't know COM very well (i just start learning it). I read lights, materials, mesh and BasicHLSL DirectX9 tutorials (line by line). I know C++ and math (not VERY good math but it's working :)). Win32 skills in progress...
I don't now how to move that mesh or do other operations on it because I didn't find something to modify in code (I'm a started in DirectX as I said).
I searched the web but most of it it's the the same tutorials in slightly different forms.

My final point would be to develop an educational game: 2,3 or 4 rooms, a teacher, me as a student moving around, etc.
I know how to use a 3D engine in c# but I don't want this. I want for the future to develop my game programming skills
seriously. A good way would be if I would understand some practical points to start from.

So I need to move that mesh with keyboard and mouse (and probably the camera should be moved with the mesh, too, as in GTA). After that I will try to build a room and walk in it (but stop if I hit a wall). I don't know if I could read *.PAK files in C++
to build the world (some rooms, objects). Hope I was clear. Every help will be appreciated!

Ok i started moving a mesh after a long time of reading Direct 3D and I started getting more dirty with this stuff :) ... so at the moment I'll close this thread, maybe I'll start a new one in the future.

Hi. I've been searching for codes in C# which could help me to understand how to make movement and color detection at the same time and at real time. I've also been looking for an exact model of camera I could use for programming this. If you could help me please, my e-mail is kaa_090@hotmail.com