It seems like users are doing exactly what Nintendo intended when they created the fancy Wii controller. Users are having so much fun, they're getting carried away when playing their video games, and literally throwing it around.

The Wii-mote, a uniquely designed game controller for Nintendo's Wii game console, works by moving it, and the machine picks up the controller's movements and sends them to whatever game you're currently playing. This gives the user much more control and is suppoed to be more fun. The included wrist strap is supposed to keep the controller from slipping from your hand.

Nintendo also recommends "holding the remote securely and avoid excessive motion during game play. If your hands become moist, stop and dry your hands."

After reports of wrist straps breaking like it did in the video, Nintendo is actually launching an investigation about the matter, says Nintendo. They haven't commented about improving the wrist strap, though.

Nintendo seems to be worried about bad publicity if people get so carried away that they start breaking household objects, much the same way that kids break windows with the baseball in the house.

Hmm, perhaps Wii should only be played outdoors?

In the beginning, I hated the Nintendo Wiicontroller but now I think I'm starting to open up to it. :) :p

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