hey good day to every one..
im just curious.. WHO needs vbgame developers?
heres my side.. first im a vb programmer.. i do game back then in vb6.. and its a real job.. but now as i seach for a new job, i cant find a job that needs vb game programmer. always C++, phyton, or java..
my next question is why is there a forum, books, reference that teach vb games if theres no job for these programmers after they learn it..???
sorry if i sound rude.. but believe me.. im just askin...
thanks for reading and hope to see some replies..

believe me im just curious... its a question!!!!

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VB is a bit of a beginners language. It and java are a bit slow for making big games. Thats why basically all big games are made in C++. The VB books are there to teach you the fundementals so that you can then go on and learn C++


Yeah, I myself learnt VB then C# (works sorta similar to VB but with C++ style code) then C++.

I followed this exact same route accept i never got deep into VB.

If you want a "real job" with creating games then learn C++


yeah, but VB is good for

a: getting people into programming without scaring them away

b: learning the basic techniques such as OOP, functions etc...


Hey i really apreciate all your suggestions... i believe you all.. thanks!!!! ill try to do wat you all said.. again thanks

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