Plz i need to design a bible game in visual basic 6.0.
Can somebody advice me.

Bible game? Sounds boring. ;)

Pray to Jesus for the knowledge.

It may be only the Hebrew Bible, so Jesus wouldn't apply in that case. At any rate, funny post. LOL

Plz i need to design a bible game in visual basic 6.0.
Can somebody advice me.

Advise you how exactly? You have the concept, you have the language you wish to use. So I'm not really sure what you're asking everyone here. So I'll give a few generic answers to common questions.

Q: How do I program this game in VB?
A: Grab a good book for VB (good meaning "you" understand what it's telling you) and a book on game programming (problem here is most of them use C++ not VB).

Q: How do I <insert function here> in VB?
A: After reading the book(s) and doing some of the code yourself, post what you have and what it is your wanting it to do, the people here will help provided you show effort (why would anyone do the work for you and you take the credit??)

Q: Is VB hard?
A: Yes & No, it depends on you. I found VB to be difficult but found C++ & C# to be easier. Others feel the opposite, it boils down to your dedication to learning how to use it.

Q: Will this game sell?
A: Honestly probably not, not much demand for a bible game.

Q: How do I draw the pictures,animations, graphics
A: First you need a rendering program (Blender is one, Milkshape 3D, etc etc etc), I myself have yet to really utilize any of them but will be these coming weeks, so good luck (my artistic ability is rather limited to stick figures).

Q: Should I even bother doing this?
A: Absolutely! If you want to, even if the game bombs, doesn't come out as expected you are gaining invaluable knowledge on the workings of how to program. So you'll at least come out of the project knowing more than you did going in (hopefully).

I think that basically covers it. Good luck on your game and I honestly do hope it comes out the way you imagine it will. Don't give up or get discouraged the road to building a game is 100% uphill but the rewards on accomplishing it really outweigh the headache of creating it. <- At least in my opinion.